Wooden Pentagon Box Made Entirely on the Glowforge


The entire box was cut 1 layer at a time out of 1/8" plywood and then stacked and glued. Veneered with bubinga to give a solid wood appearance. The lid has 40 pieces of different color veneer to make the star pattern. I would love to hear your thoughts!


Simply amazing, as always :wink:


Dug the video the other day when I watched it. Love your work! I discovered and subscribed to both your channels about a week ago and my TV show binging has since been replaced with watching all your videos, haha.


Oh wow, thanks!


Simply awesome


Wow, that’s a gorgeous piece! :grinning:




Sounds like a good plan to me!


Awesome video as always. Thanks David!


Simply gorgeous! I really like your blue tape clamping technique.


Stunning! and I like the flocking touch. Thanks!


You make it look so easy. It’s gorgeous!


And fast! :wink:


Awesome Job! Love your work!


This is a repost, right? Feel like I saw this before.


I think @karaelena originally posted a link to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


You, sir, are simply inspirational!
Thanks, as always, for your continued efforts of providing truly useful techniques!


I made this a few weeks ago but never posted it here. It’s possible someone else has posted. I do apologize if this is a repost.


You can’t know if someone else posts it…keep showing your work! :wink:


Where are the videos, please