Wooden photo blocks

So there is a craft store pretty close to my house. Sadly, they are going out of business and we happened to go there today. I found some unfinished wooden panels. They are 6x6x1 and have a plywood face to them. They were on crazy sale for $0.98 for two of them…I now own 20 lol. I figured they should engrave well enough, so I tried with a picture of my wife and I when we first started dating at a Cincinnati Reds game. I think it turned out quite nice :slight_smile:




I feel I may be heading back to pick up even more…


Care to share the store? May be other local forgers who would be interested…

That came out great!

Buy anything you can zap!!!

You have my permission, just go crazy.
I mean bobcat crazy. Buy the whole store!


Guess I forgot to do that lol. The store is called Pat Catan’s and it’s in New Boston, OH.

Good ol’ Bobcat lol

Got to love those ‘finds’ you were not really looking for.

For sure! I’m probably going to make my way back down there soon, see if they have any more before they shut down for good

Went back today and got 20 more…


Nice find.

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Yes, it did turn out great!

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@pauline.lally I’m hoping that I can get some people interested in these soon. For that price though, I couldn’t pass them up

@ptodd thank you! I was pleasantly surprised with the result

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Great find! I’d have a hard time not buying 20 more. I use a version of these for the back of my LED pictures and they make it really easy.

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