Wooden Planners / Notebooks

Very nice notebooks! Of course you need two of them, one for you.


Really like that. What did you use to attach the 6 ring?


LOL. That would be funny to make wooden nickels worth a million and give those out!


Thanks! These are A5 sized stand alone mechanisms purchased from Amazon. They attach using fasteners (part outside, part inside) that screw together. I just mark where I want them and then cut it. A5 is just about the same size as a half letter, and Filofax A5 refills fit perfectly.

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Awesome! They really do look great!

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I love this! Beautiful! May I ask, what material are you using, and what is the living hinge design you’re using? Also, how durable is the living hinge for this kind of application? Thanks!

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I’m using the PG Med plywood (which is a must for a living hinge) and I’ve used walnut, cherry and maple so far. I put the file up in the Free Files section here: A5 Size Notebook / Planner

Have fun! Kathy


This is beautiful!

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I made one for my sister for Christmas.


These both look lovely!



Is there a file available somewhere for this, or something like it?

Yes, its at the top of the post. Enjoy!

Hello, how can i download the file?

Welcome to the forum

At the bottom of the original post is a link to the file in the Free Files section. Click where it says “A5 Size Notebook/Planner”


Thank you!:smile:

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it won’t let me download am I missing something? I am a newbie so it is possible

Please go to the post here: A5 Size Notebook / Planner where it is available for download.

Thanks, Kathy

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I am so sorry it just keeps taking me in circles from the post to a picture and back. Like I said I am new to this what am I doing wrong?


Go to the Free Laser Design section of the forum as instructed above. Right click the thing that looks like a line drawing and save image as an svg. Here is what you should click on: