Wooden Plaque Engraving Too Light

I’m trying to engrave wording from a Certificate onto wooden plaque, however some of the smaller font lettering is really faint and hard to make out .

Is there a way for me to take the image to make darker and better to read, maybe I need to adjust settings on my Plus.

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Are you using the built-in GFUI for scanning the certificate? If so, I’m not as familiar with that, and unsure how much adjustment you can do.

Alternatively, you could scan it using a regular scanner, and then do some image editing to get the image just right before importing it into GFUI.

I think you may want to make all of the text black in your image, so it engraves it at a consistent, higher power.

Right now it’s seeing the green as lighter than the black, and using less power (or some dot pattern or something which will appear lighter) when engraving.

Once you have a scan of the image, you can use GIMP, and the threshold effect: https://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-threshold.html

Or an online tool to perform the threshold affect: https://pinetools.com/threshold-image

Good luck!


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I was kinda hopeful of a Star Wars imperial degree there but these are also cool!