Wooden Sign


This is probably the biggest project I’ve done to date. I did a bunch of small tests for my settings, to check the stain color, etc. Finally, I engraved the full-sized piece, lined it up on the back, and did it again. Sanded and stained, and now it’s drying. Amazed at how beautifully this turned out!


That there is just amazing. Great job.

Hard to tell how big it is from the picture, what are the dimensions?


About 11" square, more or less. Got the file from a Facebook group, and the cherry glue-up panel from a lumber yard, and let the laser do the hard work!


Great contrast, mins outlining your process?

Also, a glue up panel? How do you mean?

Really nice job!


Very nice work


Absolutely gorgeous. This really looks and feels like a movie prop. Just WOW.


Sure! So I did a fair amount of testing with scrap pieces. Found some settings I liked (1000, 40/450) and then did my best to line the engrave up on the panel. Flipped and did it again. Then I cut the board more square and even around the design with a bandsaw, sanded my edges on an oscillating sander, eased the corners and sanded the faces with a sanding block, then cleaned it up and brushed on the stain. The longest part of the process was the engrave, by far!

A glue-up panel is just some pieces of lumber glued up edge to edge. You can do it yourself, or buy it pre-made from a lumber yard. I got this one from a local hardwood place, cut it to fit into the 'Forge, and then went about the rest of it.


Beautiful! That stain is just scrumptious :slight_smile:


It’s gorgeous, and a perfect film tribute!


Very Very Nice…!


It is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful work!


Wooo! That’s nice woodwork. :grinning: