Wooden TV Remote



Thought this was pretty neat!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 18, 2017

looks cool, but I would definitely poly coat it. plastic remotes tend to get gross after a little bit, I can only imagine what unprotected wood would store.


Agreed. I’d definitely take a different approach.

But I likes his use of grid paper for getting the outlines.


Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Like I mentioned in the video it has one coat of boiled linseed oil and two coats of spray lacquer!


Very enjoyable video! Now I wanna see the TV conversion to wood :wink:.

Welcome to the forum David–I hope we see more from you!


That was a super cool video. I’m a huge fan of all of your work


yup! TV’s are just so darn ugly.


How cool is it when one forum member posts an inspirational video from YouTube, and then the creator of the video turns out to be a forum member as well?
Welcome to the forum @picciuto!


Coolness! :grinning:
Welcome to the funny farm @picciuto ! :relaxed:


Thanks everybody for the kind words! That was my first time posting in this forum and I’m sure you’ll see me a lot more in the coming months. This was cut on the Full Spectrum laser. There are so many reasons I dislike using the software for that laser and really looking forward to getting my hands on the Glowforge! I’ve got some pretty crazy ideas that I can’t wait to execute. Thanks again!


I’d say of all the things I’m inspired to want to make while I’m away from my Glowforge, this I would do first. Totally perfect scenario for a Glowforge. Could be a good test of the trace and print. That whole turning the grill into a digital file is not easy. Thanks for showing the iterations because so often the videos look like they spring perfect from the mind of Zeus.