Woot! new website!

I just launched a website last night with a little help from a friend. It’s still mostly a demo wordpress theme at the moment, but it’s coming along. Most of the interesting stuff won’t be there until after the glowforge ships and i can take some pictures of what im making, but yeah, I hope to have something presentable soon.


What’s the Link to your new Website? :wink:


Hello @Sawa,

I just checked out your website-in-progress. I think it looks great. The template chosen is very clean and professional looking, and I like the color scheme lots. I also like the explanations under each of the tabs, just enough information and not too wordy.

I am very interested in seeing your dungeon tiles. I’m a supporter of Dwarven Forge tiles. I like them, but they are bulky and heavy. Can’t wait to see your designs!

They are going to be a much larger and massive scale than dwarven forge, yet should still be a bit cleaner, simpler, more versatile. You’ll surely be interested! Follow me on facebook (sawa’s tabletop gaming)

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Made these dungeon tiles with a FDM 3D printer. they work great

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These are from a FormLabs 3D printer. Great quality.


Looks like you do a lot of creative things. I have started a website. But haven’t got as far along as you… Southerncharmholsters.com it would be neat to see who else on here as a website . Very interesting to see all the different creative things going on.

The problem with 3d printers nowadays is that it takes hours to print even just a 2x2 tile square with a wall. I had some plans to get a beta nextgen liquid resin printer that does whole layers at a time, and could make my very large tilesets. I’ve instead figured out a different way to make the tilesets, but will be also able to mass produce much faster and cheaper than any 3d printer could.

Totally correct on the formLabs resin printer, but the FDM tiles only take 5-10 minutes and I have less than 25 cents in any of them.

I’ve ran my tiles through a lulzbot taz 5 and the ultimaker 2 prepping software. The computer program projects an 18-28 hour build time per object, approximately 12 objects per set. I expect i’d burn out nozzles and there would be an issue of potential warping, running it straight. I have a total of about 54 unique objects like this, so… the math on that isn’t hard to show its not viable.