It’s a Woot-Off today… and for the first time, I snagged a Bag-o-Crap! (Or rather “Craptacular Crap 2389ldsf9324” - as they appear to be calling it! The suspense is killing me!)


This is hilarious! :grinning:


Nice! I got one several years back. It was filled with crap :wink:. The only thing I still occasionally use is a back pack.

I’m glad I have nothing to do except watch a baby all day! WOOT!


The crap bag is gone; but I accidentally bought a 2TB HD for $70.


Let us know what you got when you get it. :smiley:


“accidentally” :laughing:

Oh, most definitely!


I used to try to snag one but was never successful. I’m intensely curious as to what you end up getting :slight_smile:


I’m married to an IT network engineer virtualization man. When you see a good deal on hard drives, you just get it. Don’t know how he will use it; but he has a backup fetish, so there is no question that he “needs” it.


I’ve been attempting to snag a BOC for nearly a decade. Woot is part of my daily routine… but…

No reason to keep Woot in my routine. I’ve accomplished my goal.


Confess I got a BoC once. It was indeed full of C, and I bagged it all.


That is craptastic!


But every now and then it pays off. Got a Roomba once, and it still cleans my floors after a decade or so!


Me too!!! I’m so excited and as you say it dieing of suspense to see whats there!

Virtual high fives!


Wonder how it would work with the GF (or my chinese laser until GF)…


a friend of mine scored one once and won a free tv.


The neighbors might appreciate it. Especially if you’re working with leather.


well I received notification my Bandolier Of Carrots arrived at home today. Unfortunately, I’m almost 1200 miles away and the GF is under strict orders not to tell me what’s in it if she can’t avoid peeking.


Per tracking, mine is currently in Idaho on its way to Seattle!


My bag-o-crap arrived! Pics at the link.


  1. Woot “Disappointment” fridge magnet
  2. Woot reusable shopping bag
  3. Small zipper bag
  4. Blank, small red kids t-shirt
  5. Replacement parts for some kind of vacuum?
  6. 10" Netbook sleeve
  7. Personal camera mounting kit (minimum there’s a chest-mount, a dash mount, and a selfie stick mount… but I haven’t gone through all of it)
  8. A Multi-device charging station
  9. A Refurbished gaming headset. I tried to get it to work on my PC, but it doesn’t want to…

At least the headset is worth $20-$30 on eBay which pays for the experience… and I can say that I’m officially done with Woot! Priceless!


the gopro mounts might be worth sume duckets.