Word Clock enclosure

I made a Word Clock two years ago. I wanted to laser cut the case for it, but without a Glowforge, my only option was to get it made by the likes of Ponoko, etc. However, it would have been too expensive to justify having it cut by them and risk the dimensions being off, or the engraving not being right. In the end, I decided to just 3D print a case for it. It came out OK, but I was never truly happy with it.

I just gave my clock a little Glowforged upgrade! It came out AWESOME!


Very nice upgrade! What drives the clock?


I designed my own PCBs for it. It’s an ATmega328 with a DS3231 RTC. Programmed in Arduino, designed in EAGLE.



Love it! Do you sell your PCBs by chance?


No sorry, but I usually post my source files on my hobby site. However, I haven’t put the files together for this one yet.


I love it!

Yep! Looks great with the wood face! :grinning:

I’ve always wanted one of these but the large ones were too expensive. Bravo sir!
I wonder if could keep all the orphans in the letters if you stuck some :proofgrade: veneer to a piece of acrylic and hit engrave to make the front. I’m personally completely oblivious when it comes to veneer though.


Outstanding! The tinkerer in me WANTS this.

That double board is super! And the result is brill! Nice engraving on the back too for the buttons.



Fantastic job!!

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Awesome design! It’s like a practical word search that gives you the answer :slight_smile:

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