Work Not Being Automatically Saved

OMG!!! THREE TIMES, Three different projects, I’ve worked on a project only for it not to be saved automatically in my dashboard!!! I will get half way through a project then take a break, Ill go back to the dashboard to resume my work only for it to revert back to an earlier design WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? UGH!!!

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That’s very odd. This sounds like something you will need support to look into, have you emailed them or hit them up on discord?


No I havent And while you mentioned it I been having a hard time getting onto discord
Im SO frustrated with it all
What I started doing was opening up a copy of my project rather than the original( if it actually has saved) just so that i dont lose all of my work. And sometimes when I open that copy its just blank as if it still rendering the design

Pinging @emilyhuh


Thanks @PrintToLaser

@quamesia.williams So sorry that you are having a hard time getting on the Discord. What issue are you having? Have you been able to create your Discord account? Or have you created your account and it’s not verifying your account?

Feel free to reach out to our Support team at and they can either help you with your original issue of your work not being automatically saved as we want to make sure we get you up and running asap and they can also help you with your Discord issue as well. Or I can help you with your Discord issue if you let me know what isn’t working.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you so much i was able to get on and create an account


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