Worked once, can't remember what i did

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When I was in the app, I created a project using the built in art work, the christmas tree that is angular and snake like looking. I was able to work the star separately from the tree. Now, I am trying to do the same thing to this graphic.

swirly tree . Ignore the four trees grouped together. what I want to do is take the star and move and manipulate it. I tried everything in every app i could think of but can’t make it into two separate objects. am i barking up the wrong tree?


Where is the graphic - my eyesight is poor?

i loaded it and it showed originally. let me see what i can do

I found it.

here it is in a screenshot for others

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So you want the star on the squiggly tree without the tree? I switched to edit nodes, deleted all the nodes except the star and that leaves the star separated from the squiggles.


if you can, walk me thru it. I can’t get it to go into node mode in inkscape when I do it.

Here is the star, make sure this is what you want swirly tree1

thanks. yes and no. wanted them separate so that i could play with both items. but i need to learn how to do it. you know, the old give them fish and teach them to fish stuff.

^%$$&&^^%$&^%&%^(!!! it just did what i wanted on the first (many attempts later) try. Thanks.

and i just figured how to separate them with the break apart command.


Thanks again. this is what i get for being an intuitive learner. I don’t read the manuals, i just go with what i already learned in other apps and bull my way through the problem. probably faster to read the tutorials.

I played with the same graphic a week or so ago. I thought they were just grouped when I exported them. I ungrouped them to change the size of the star and add a place to hang the tree.


exactly! what i want to do. thanks

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