Working for scale

I tried 3d engraving Lauan plywood for a tablet storage box and it looked terrible so I painted it black and it still looked bad so I went ahead and made a scored design that worked much better, But the black box tops kept staring at me and when wandering around a hardware store found a spray that looked like chrome or silver and sure enough the result looked like an old piece of dragon leather so I made the rest of the box.

There were a couple of innovations. I finally found some 12-inch masking paper so this was the first I had used having before cleaned with alcohol and sanding down the scorches. Masking paper is a huge pain to use but a nice outcome. I also ran the bamboo hinge completely across the back for a decorative effect that I definitely like.

Even upside down it looks good.

And I left room for a charging wire.


Very nice! Love the hinges, mini tabs, and the natural wood.


I like itas is, but if the fingers bother you… don’t forget that you can do lots of things to make your finger joints a design asset. Look at @geek2nurse ‘s mastermind set.


What are the overall dimensions of the box?

I sized it to my 10x7 inch tablet but had to go to two inches high to accommodate the hinges, which ended up on the outside as I did not allow for them when I originally measured it. So it can now hold 3 tablets


Have you seen my posts on headliner material? It’d add a nice cushion to things, and is easy to cut to fit and glue inside already finished boxes.

I really like magic fingers and use them a lot, especially on plywood that allows smaller fingers than plain wood with grain. I really do not like when the fingers are bigger than the thickness of the wood and especially when a lot longer. but that is just my taste. However when you see inlay faking real fingers it would seem My taste is not so alone.


if you are not liking just the wood I suppose. I once fell on my tablet and broke the screen and discovered it was a kluge that was a stereo isomer of anything I could get parts for. I have been paranoid about that ever since, and the box is strong enough to protect what is in it under almost any circumstance that is likely.

It might be interesting to take the rolls of cork and fit them to the boxes made but anything added to the sides of the inside of that box would no longer fit the tablets

Wow! That looks great! Thank you for explaining your process.


Very nice effects!


Awesome. Really diggin the hinges here!


it is basically these
I modified them so they were a more pleasing shape and moved the hinges to the outside instead of the inside


Haha—I like that phrase, I’ll have to remember that.

It’s a lovely box, just like the others! The hinge is a really nice addition.


Lid makes a great impression … Like the hinges also.

I didn’t mean you’d want to hide the wood, more that you’d want to pad the inside of the box to protect the tablet(s) maybe.

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