Working in a Garage

Hey! I have been reading about some concerns with heat in a colder garage, so I think I have that side covered… my question was about venting.
Where I live now there is snow, and while I have in the past just opened the garage door a little and shoved the vent tube underneath (and used a long piece of cardboard to prevent the venting from coming back in) I can’t do that as well with snow and when it is this cold outside. (harder to heat garage when the door is open 4 inches)

I have been thinking on it for a while, and was wondering if anyone had put any thought into venting it under a garage door while the door is closed.

I am imagining hooking the vent up to something that converts a 4 inch vent into a longer, yet shorter stream, almost like how a vacuum attachment that is flat, and then putting that under the garage door flange while it is closed.

I have a 3D printer, and could probably make something like this over… a while, however I wanted to know if anyone had any purchasable solutions that they knew of.

Basically a long, skinny attachment to the end of the vent that I could push under the garage door when I am using it, and pull out and hang up when not.


I installed a dryer vent port in the garage wall (just like the actual dryer vent). It has flaps so it’s closed unless it is actually running.
You might think about doing something like that.


Just a thought but car mechanics have vents that are installed into the doors so they can hook up the exhaust pipe and run the car with the door closed. Maybe something like that would be possible? I’ve never looked into it so I don’t know anything about sizes or availability but you might be able to fashion something that would work and look nice at the same time.


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