Working with Inkscape to edit an image

I have a jpeg image. I took it into Inkscape to edit. I took a part of the image out by creating a clipping mask. (also tried the eraser tool) But, when I take the SVG file into glowforge, the part I clipped/erased is still there. I then saved the edited image as a PDF, took it into glowforge and the part I took out was not there, but Glowforge has a message that says: (The mask(s) have been rendered along with your design in case you prefer to cut them out separately. For now, edit the affected shapes with a path subtraction tool and they will upload successfully.) and it says there is no art work. How do I get the edited image to work properly?

So the simplest thing to do is to export the portion of your svg as a raster graphic. You can do this by export to png or create a bitmap copy.

In either case you should look in your preferences ahead of time and set the export or bitmap dpi to something nice and high. I like 600 dpi.

If you export to png you’d then reimport your clipped image back into your svg. I like doing it this way because then I have the clipped artwork as a separate file, but a lot of other people use the simpler one step make a bitmap copy command.


It worked. Thank you so much!!

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I duplicate the clipped art to a layer labeled “flat” and do the conversion there.


Not a bad plan… everyone’s got a different workflow.