Working with pre-colored plywood

I bought some 12"x24"x1/8" Prismatic Baltic Wood Blanks (Rainbow colors) in blue. The shipping was very expensive but they did a great job of packaging. The sheets came between to Masonite sheets. I cut them at 150 speed at full power, sore was PG maple setting.

Then I went back to Steve Good for inspiration. I took his design and shrunk it about half and put it on some PG maple. The GF did an awesome job cutting the detail. I added some magenta acrylic paintto the flower.


Lovely! :grinning:

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Looks great!

That’s some very pretty material. I like what you made with it!

Those came out very well !! You may want to look into staining your own plywood. I’ve been playing with
mixed with clear polyurethene and have made some interesting colors - the ones in your wine box would be relativly easy ! ALso just looking at regular wood stains next time you go to Home Depot, Lowes, A.C.E etc. It’s been fun creating colored pieces (Still haven’t cut or make things with a lot of them so far) and MUCH cheaper to do it your self !! (Nice job on both projects btw !!)

–101 degrees in Tucson today - don’t think I’ll be forging today

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Thanks it would save a lot of shipping cost.

And it’s kind of fun to experiment with the colors… they are always darker in the liquid and then you see what they look like on the wood… Still trying for a nice purple for the wine box but comes out more pinkish… Still makes some cool colored wood !

I am all for learning as many finishing techniques as possible, and believe once you are good at any given technique you will wind up with better finishes than you can buy, but I thought The Wood Gallery’s prices were reasonable. I ordered $102.20 of material and didn’t pay any shipping, same as glowforge proofgrade, and the pricing was less than for proofgrade plywood.

I haven’t run into a knot or void yet, and undoubtedly I will, at the most inconvenient time as well because that is just how the universe works. I don’t know how much I’ll use it in the future, on the one hand I love the colors (and that would include making my own), but on the other I just haven’t come up with many projects that require colored plywood.

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i have some of that and i keep forgetting i do. just need to grab some polyurethane.