Workspace won't recognize images/shapes/text

I’m so very frustrated…the workspace has recently stopped acknowledging that shapes/text/shapes etc are placed. Example, I’ll place a circle in the workspace…then add another shape…the circle is no longer click-able…can’t adjust it, cant move it…it’s like it isn’t there. This will happen with multiple shapes, images, text boxes, etc…I’ve never had this issue and its so frustrating! Anyone have a similar issue and how did you fix it? I didnt see anything already posted about this.

I just tested it, and it’s working fine for me. You might want to open a ticket on it.

Oop! Just noticed a few other people have reported it, and they’re working on it.


Thank you! Still learning my way around the community and the glowforge system.

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Keep an eye on the Problems and Support section…there is a long thread there that you can add on to. (Normally they like individual tickets, but for system wide problems, you can just tack on there.)

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Gotcha, thanks so much Jules!

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