World Backup Day - March 31

Just to let people know that Carbonite (and probably other online backup companies) is running promo’s for online backup.

*** Link to 30% Discount ***

Get the 3 year for the 30% off. Also, if you have an external/network drive you want to backup, buy the package one up from Basic (Personal Plus - I think)

This will keep you happy when ransomware or hard drive failure or accidental deletion or theft or fire/water damage or Spot marks his territory on your computer destroys your files.


Yea, I use backblaze. It’s saved my bacon a time or two :smile:

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Thanks, I let mine lapse. Gonna go re-up now :slight_smile:

I do IT support professionally and prefer Crashplan strongly over Carbonite.


Any online backup that works is better than no backup.

For end users, simple is cleaner and will get used.


I’ve been using CrashPlan for about 5 years now. I love it. It’s cheap, unlimited storage for up to 10 machines. You can even do all sorts of things right on your phone with the CrashPlan app.


For what very little it’s worth, Glowforge uses Crashplan so that all your laser bits don’t get lost in the ether. :slight_smile:


Also, look at using an SVN type of program so that you have backups of the things you purposefully saved over, but later realized had been better the way they were 80 hours of work ago…

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We use source control for all our software and versioning for all our cloud file stores. Crashplan is just the fallback to the fallback.

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And install a personal cloud on your wifi network (Seagate makes a good one). It gives you OneDrive/Dropbox capability but contained in your network. You can set it up to access the files remotely as well. A dual drive version allows you to have it mirrored so it’s protected against disk failure.

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I like the idea of drobo. I’d even buy it if I had the money but I hear it’s a proprietary format so that makes me hesitate.

Been using Drobo’s since their 4 drive units (still in use also).

The 5N is incredibly fast. The new 5N2 can bond its 2 Gig network interfaces to prevent bottlenecking the bandwidth.

Synology has good functionality and apps, but the expand ability that Dropbox provides allows you to start small (2 drives of any size and manufacturers) and move up to 5 Drives of 10 TB each without having to move the data, expand the storage and restore the data.