Worldwide Laser Thursday (Laser Optional)

From the early days of Glowforge, when we had our first working units in the office, we had a tradition of Laser Thursdays – an event where everyone that works at the company can spend an evening sharing a meal, getting to know each other’s families, making prints, and learning from each other.

It is a tradition that we’ve come to cherish as a chance to relax, create, celebrate, and understand our product better so we can make it better for all of you. So when COVID-19 came along and sent us all to work from home, we knew we had to find a way to keep the Laser Thursday spirit alive.

And then we realized… many of you are stuck at home as well. It is so important that we all find ways to connect during this challenging time. So we’d like to extend an invitation for you to join us on Thursday, April 9th, for the first-ever Worldwide Laser Thursday . We’d like to use that time to create something to say thank you to all of the brave folks that are still working so the rest of us can stay home and stay safe – the medical personnel, first responders, delivery drivers, food workers and so many more.

We want to include everyone in the opportunity to create together, and to express gratitude, so you don’t even have to have a Glowforge to participate! If you aren’t a Glowforge owner, see this blog post to get the design.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Grab the design from the gift box icon on your dashboard. We put it out early so you can plan and also invite your friends and family to participate.


  1. Customize the hanging tags any way you want. You can do that using the design app of your choice, or if you are a Glowforge owner, with trace, or with our new creative tools. Or of course, feel free to make a whole new design from scratch.

  2. Print the design on your Glowforge. If you don’t have a Glowforge, print it on your inkjet printer, cut it out of cardboard with an x-acto knife, or… heck, etch it out of steel plate with a plasma torch!

  3. Post a picture of your completed design in this thread. We’ll post our too and we can’t wait to see what you make.

  4. We’d also love it if you share on social media. If you do, please use the hashtags glowforge and #QuarantineCrafts .

  5. Most important of all, hang the sign on your front door, put it in a window, mail it to your local emergency room or fire station, give it to a delivery person or a restaurant – it’s up to you!

We hope you’ll join us; see you on Thursday 4/9!


We have a LOT of heroes in our company! :smile:

I used the new Premium Design features for quick artwork and text additions…and knocked out personalized keychain tags for them out of PG Basswood. Then I hit them with colored Sharpies last night.

I think they’ll get more of a kick out of these than the bonuses. They’ll know we appreciate them. Great idea! :smile:

(And oops…I see I missed a couple of hearts.) :smile:


Jules those came out GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see what everyone else makes.


Thanks Michael…it was sooooo easy with the starter file! (I can see the folks who have to stay home being a little peeved that they didn’t get one, so I might have to do a few more.) :slightly_smiling_face:

And I can’t wait to see what other folks come up with too…might have to upgrade their key tags. :smile:

For those of us without keys, I suppose they could hang them from their rearview mirror to remind them — we’re getting through “this” because of them. :slight_smile:

Have we been having Laser Thursdays in the GF community (I know the staff does) and I missed out all this time?!?

Thanks to @michaeln for posting…great idea…so all these delivery people can have one!


No the first one is tomorrow…you haven’t missed anything yet. Should be fun! (I hear there will be cake.) :smile:


Amazing! I can’t wait to print ours tomorrow.

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Awesome those did come out really well, way to go yo!!!

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Okay, couldn’t stand it…that design is just too cool. I had to run another one today on Laser Thursday. :smile:

This one is for the rare delivery folk and repairmen that come by, so it’s a little plainer…just says “Genuine Hero!” in a deco looking font.

Also modified the larger hanger file since I don’t have room for the longer one near the doorbell. (Now I just need to find some hooks for it.)

If anyone wants to make the smaller version for their own service providers, I’ll share it below. (184.0 KB)

(Love that hanger design!) :hugs:


That is so great. You are such a special lady. :blush:

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Thanks but I definitely can’t take credit for this one. :smile:

Are you going to make some today for your service providers? It’s pretty quick and I’m dying to see more designs.

(oh shoot…we keep losing power.)

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Hi friends! Justine from the Glowforge team here. (long-time lurker, first-time poster)

I’m participating in Worldwide Laser Thursday from the comfort of my home in Seattle, WA. I hung the sign outside the doorstep - just in time for a bunch of Amazon packages to arrive :slight_smile:

But seriously, it’s wonderful to be able to express my gratitude to the incredible people - like delivery drivers - who are helping me and my partner maintain a semblance of normalcy as we shelter in place at home. I’m grateful to have a magical machine at home that helps me do that.

Can’t wait to see what y’all make for WWLT!


Love the cherry! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s my entry, lightly riffing on Jules’ mods. Ran outta daylight to mount it tonight, I’m excited to put it out tomorrow!


Ohhhh, I like that one. I’ll need to do one for our mail-lady too, but it’s going to need to be acrylic since the mailbox is exposed. :smile:

Hello everyone! Over 3 years working at Glowforge and this is I believe my first forum post :slight_smile:

I had some fun with the crazy new font options in my little spin on the design. I am so grateful for all our front line workers. They need to know that they are AMAZING.

It has been crazy times, but the Glowforge community makes me just burst with pride every day.


Printed ours right between seder and bedtime! We were running late so we didn’t get much time to personalize, but I know it’s going to be appreciated!


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