Worst glowforge-related injury?

Ewwwww! Quit with the critters! I just kicked my shoes off and then saw the thread. :scream:
Shoes back on! :smile:


Where do you live? I need to know so I can never ever go there.


As a friend once said…
It all stings, bites or is poisonous (or all of the above).
Good old new mexico.
Wife killed a rattler a few weeks back when I was at work.
Having tons of fun with the new guy at work (from Chicago area)…should have brought him the rattle

My gf causes sleep deprivation


Just some acrylic shards in the fingers here and there. I don’t want to jinx myself, but unusual for me nothing sliced on my hands. At least if I have been injured, it wasn’t bad enough to remember. I have stubbed my toes numerous times on some of my materials stands. Got a nasty scrap on my little toe last weekend. Shaved a good chunk of skin off.

Lots more damage done with the 3D printers I own. Burns, cuts from PLA shards, slices from utility knives, and lots of sticks from my sharp dental picks that I use for removing supports.


Sez who? I had a leather portfolio that got shoved under the bed when I stopped using it. Hubs needed one a couple weeks back, so I pulled it out, and a shiny black little missus had built herself a cozy web in one end of it.

Fortunately they don’t seem to be as as plentiful up here in WA as they are down south. Back when we lived in TX and NM they frequently took up residence in the garage and attic. Their FAVORITE place, though, was between the rocks in the waterfall my dad built. You could always find them there, if you happened to be a tomboy teenybopper who liked to keep them in jars and watch them eat bugs. (Or so I’ve heard…:sunglasses:)

The good thing about black widows, though, is they’d much rather run away than bite, so you tend not to get bitten unless you back them into a corner. (Unless you’re a male of their own species, in which case all bets are off.)


Yeah, always look before grabbing something in the dark/under cover/rocks etc…usually there is a hint of a web though.

Yep, I may not live in TX any more, but some lessons last a lifetime. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does hunger count? I have lost 40 pounds since the Glowforge arrived. I am always trying to get “just this one more thing” before doing something else that is not Glowforge related and suddenly it is not morning any more but late at night.

As for scorpions, I have had them visit me in Tucson and Miami so they are wide spread. The biggest was nearly 10 inches guarding the door under the porch light when I arrived home late one night, but the scariest was about a half inch long I almost put my hand on reaching for something else.

In Arizona the big guys are no worse than a bee sting but folk have died from being stung by the tiny ones.

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Yeah, you got the nasty ones in Az. Ours hurt for maybe 20 minutes and the swelling burns for a week or so if they get you good,but that’s about it.
Glad we are not in Australia…

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Those are Texas cockroaches… Plentiful in my part of the state, at least.

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I used to be an adventurer, but then I took a Glowforge to the knee…


The Texas ones @timjedwards and I grew up with don’t get more than a couple of inches long. The sting is painful (I’d definitely rate it higher than that of a yellow jacket or red wasp) but not deadly. It makes your lips go numb for a day or so, though, like half-worn-off Novocaine. I have no idea why.

And as shown in the photos up above, they fluoresce under a black light, which is considerate of them, ‘cause it’s nice when you need to hunt them down. Unfortunately I didn’t know that when our dad built our house, and I got the room where the Sheetrock had been stored. Turns out scorpions love sheetrock. In the first few weeks after we moved in, I found one in my bed almost every night. Well, actually, a couple of them found ME. Ouch. :grimacing:


Glowforge called and said bugs are non-glowforge items and support cannot be held responsible for ‘events’ related to them.

Actually funny, since I thought I was pushing the envelope with non-glowforge glue.


As I recall the was a motorcycle with a lifetime warranty. All you had to do was the maintenance. However “the maintenance” was every 200 miles take it apart to the last bolt, clean everything with approved cleaners, put it back together correctly with appropriate approved lubricants or it voided the warranty. Needless to say, vanishingly few were in warranty.

There is small value in a warranty where when you do xx everything falls apart and the answer is that doing xx is not approved. I understand why there are such limits, but if something is a natural and expected desired use a better answer would be to make that use possible.

Did you check inside the shoes before you put them back on?


no :woman_facepalming:

Was laser heating some rocks and they fractured badly.
Huge chunks flew my way and blew up my ship and I had to respawn.

Oh wait, that was another game. Nevermind…


I don’t think you had the material height set correctly.



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