Would be nice to have a an item fixed or implemented list

Just a thought. If the folks in development could keep a weekly or even daily list of bug fixes and or features added would be extremely helpful. I’m a new user and was very peed off this week when trying to setup for the first time. So I created a topic and complained thinking is this it! what the &^&^ did I buy sort of thing.

Only to get responses from experienced users that they had just started having the same problems that I was experiencing and was probably due to updates or whatever having some glitches. But being a new user I thought it was the machine and or software being crappy.

Reading up on a few threads seems to show consistent glitches that pop and seems to be either bugs in updates or the software itself. When you do not know what is going on in the background then it becomes a crap shoot to if you have a localized problem or is it a global problem that needs fixing.

Just a thought


That’s an interesting idea. Another idea is to just let chaos ensue and see what happens.

Both are things that can be done so both are equally valid options.


I also agree with this and earlier requests for more detailed information about the updates as well as what version I’m on and when my Glowforge is updating.

There is this which isn’t as detailed as you’re asking and there isn’t yet a way to tell which side of the 24 hours you’re on until you try whatever feature they describe. As far as I know anyway. There might be a shortcut key. (I’m hoping for a shortcut key that I haven’t found yet for flipping objects horizontally.)

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Thanks for the feedback; I will pass it on.

For now, along with @markwal’s response, we also have some Areas Under Development listed here and will be adding more.

We appreciate hearing from you as it helps us discover how to do better!

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