Would love a tutorial series

I’m not sure if this has ever been brought up before, but I would love it if Glowforge would have a tutorial series. I’m seven months into owning my GF but have yet to fully release its potential.

I’m the kind of gal that wants to be able to do things on my own, and I have pretty good ideas on what I want to create, the problem is that I just have a very hard time translating that into Illustrator. I’ve always been that way with a lot of creative things - I can see what I want but I can’t seem to make it a reality. I understand the “practice” method, but I’m wired in such a way that I have to actually see it in order to make sense of what I’m trying to accomplish. This is a great frustration of mine.

I’ll give you an example. I’ve got these basic letter stamps that have no lids and I’m forever worried they’re gonna get knocked off the cart. The idea is to make a base that would hold the stamps at the top and bottom (fairly easy) but I also want a hinged lid that has a latching mechanism in the front (this is where I can’t figure it out). I got so aggravated with the project I ended up purchasing these empty stamp boxes from ImpressArt.


well with respect to boxes. there are very functional box makers already.

just search on here for boxes

as to learning Illustrator. As somebody that just got access to the CC and did a 9 minute video of my daughter’s FH season. the best bet would be to plow through the myriad tutorials. you’re not needing a glowforge tutorial. you need an illustrator tutorial, or so it seems.

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You may want to consider trying 3D software. The way my brain is wired, I would have a lot of trouble drawing something like that in Illustrator, but I can make it in a CAD program. They’re different skills that seem to fit different ways of thinking. Kind of a steep learning curve to get used to the way 3D modeling works, but I found it to be a good investment.

I made this long video a while ago for how to make a whole thing from scratch. I’m hoping to do another one soon.


@ritadian - This from a guy who from my perspective has weapons-grade ability in Illustrator.
YouTube is your friend for step by step tutorials for almost any design software.


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