Would really like to pre-order Proofgrade materials

A question for those of you who have received the golden email. Are you able to purchase Proofgrade materials from the GlowForge store as soon as your email arrives, or do you have to wait until you have activated your Glowforge? Also, how long does it typically take for your Proofgrade orders to arrive?

Assuming there are no delays in the October announcement, I expect to receive my Glowforge in a few weeks. I would like to hit the ground running and not be constrained by the materials in the starter pack.

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Once your Accept It, you should be able to login to app.glowforge.com and get to the Shop section.

Make sure to fill out your payment info first.

Took less than 5 business days to get the additional product.


Thanks for the quick response!


Free shipping if you order over $100, which makes a big difference, particularly for lower priced materials like draft board and acrylic.