Would this be safe

Hello. Would this be safe to use in my machine? We needed some quickly and was able to get next day. Also would you recommend leaving paper on or off during cut and engrave? I do not do much acrylic at all. This is for a birthday topper for my daughter. Thank you.

Zuvas Black Plexiglass Sheet 11.8” x 15.75” x 1/8” 2 Pack Black Cast Acrylic Sheet, DIY Materials for Home Decor, Handcraft, Painting, Photography, Pet Tag, Switch Panel, Display Stand https://a.co/d/jiZ47om


Well clicking on the link says it laser-safe. You can certainly leave the paper on when lasering, although you can expect a little ridge on the cut edges. You can eliminate the ridge by removing the paper and rubbing a light coat of dishwasher soap over the surface (I do both sides, but not necessary) and laying a piece of paper underneath to prevent flashback from the crumb tray. I’d put a small piece of painters tape on top just to set focus before cutting, as the black seems to be a little harder for the laser to focus on (at least for me), especially as this particular black seems to be highly reflective. Select “Medium Black Acrylic”, set focus, position your design, and print. If you do the dish soap method, just rinse and dry your item when you’re done. Most of all, as always, be sure to keep a close eye on your machine while you’re cutting acrylic.

Please show us your design when you’re done. We love to see each other’s projects! And happy birthday to your daughter!


Acrylic is safe to use and is pretty standard among mfg. I remove masking for big engraves, but others leave the masking.


Thank you both!


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