Wouldn't Calibrate (Working now)


This is for informational purposes only. I don’t need help. But an explanation could certainly hold value!

Turned on the machine, it “headbanged” from top-left to mid-left. I’m sure you’re familiar with this event as many, including me, have demonstrated it. But I’ll explain further… As it traveled from top-left to center-left, it was as if it was scraping itself against the left wall. Okay… After that it just sat there. Did nothing at all. For several minutes. Okay, fine. Powered off. Manually homed to under the camera. Wouldn’t be the first time it was necessary. Turn it back on. It just sat there. Never calibrated. Never moved. Just sat there. Again, left it alone for several minutes. Turned it off again. Moved the head ever so slightly to, like, perfectly under the camera. Turned it on. Went through its normal calibration within just several seconds (less than 1 minute) like it usually does. Engraving just fine.

Figured Support should be aware so it can never happen to anybody ever again. :slight_smile:




Happens to me occasionally as well.


The last several days I have gotten a failure (yellow light) on every cold start. It usually takes a couple rounds of power cycling and then works fine. Maybe unrelated but we don’t get any diagnostics yet.


Even though it doesn’t create damage (by being stuck in the left hand corner), I cannot stand sound it makes (visions of grinding gears).

So I have just made it a practice to move the laser head/gantry under the lid camera just before turning the GF :glowforge: on. Doesn’t resolve the occasional noise from occurring when the head is left in the corner at power on, just quickens the alignment process.


It does quicken the alignment process. Cuts a minute or two off. I need to start getting into the habit of doing it each time.


Guess I’m one of the lucky people that never has a calibration issue. I also NEVER move the head.

Just checked for the millionth time…

Power On: 11:26:00am
Calibration Start: 11:26:54am
Calibration Complete: 11:27:54am

Usually about 90 seconds for the Calibration step. 60 seconds is unusually fast.

(I do have a solid and reasonably fast internet connection)


It’s entirely possible that shifting the head a little while removing materials or cleaning is causing the issue. I don’t usually remember day to day what I did the night before. :smile:


Not bragging or implying others are doing anything incorrect. There may be different tolerances in the machines or maybe there are some set of steps that is causing the issue.

I am pretty careful not to bump the head when removing material but since it’s powered I doubt it moves.


Oh, I’m not worried about it. I expect strange behavior from software that’s getting tweaked behind the scenes.

Something always goes wonky where you don’t expect it. It’ll sort itself out eventually.



Only if we report it.


I usually don’t need to. Someone else always does and I know they’re aware of it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure. I can understand that thinking. But it might also help, in some (all?) cases, to know how wide-spread an issue is.


We’ve all reported it at least once.


Yes, of course… I was speaking generally. Not specifically about this issue. However, it might also be helpful for them to know an issue still exists as perhaps they thought they fixed it if they see no further reports of the issue.


If I suspect it’s a software related issue and someone else has reported it, I generally don’t bother, because it’s going to affect everyone. I’m always afraid of wasting their resources, and having 200 people report the same problem - they all have to be responded to, it creates multiples of tickets on what is essentially the same problem. Very inefficient. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what makes you special to us :smirk:


Yeah. “Special” Have really bad communication skills but even I know what that means. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting this. We’re taking a look.

I’m glad you are back up and printing.


I’m having the same problems. Power cycling not happening. I logged off, powered the GF down, waited a minute, powered back on, logged back in, calibration started and then stopped. I just moved the head to be underneath the camera like Tom A suggested. Seems to be stuck again in calibration. argh!


I intermittently have this problem as well. Having it right now. Sometimes the head jostles a bit, but otherwise it’ll sit there doing nothing for as long as I am willing to let it. Oddly, choosing “refresh bed image” in the app actually does so, giving me a nice, up to date image of the top of the laser head.