Wouldn't it be great if GF could


…cut 3 mm thick Stainless Steel?

Our Kiki tool project from Kickstarter is in full production and we snagged some shots of these fresh-off-the-laser parts - thought I’d share:

(Soon to be) finished product:

Just dreaming!


Wont happen in the same price point of the Glowforge…:wink:


…hence the ‘just dreaming’ part!



what crazy kind of laser and power does it take for the metal?


Just what kind of power does it take?


I like your thinking.


I’m sure there is a reason, but it eludes me…
spacing to prevent warping? Seems like a lot of material waste. Also loose piling the blanks like that would tend to mark that nice brushed finish.
Speaking of finish, the cut edges look perfect!


“in the hopper”…



Holy smokes, that is SOME laser!


Good question - will find out more tomorrow.

They go to a tool grinding shop tomorrow to set the angles on the screwdriver tip and pry bar end (which will probably mess up the nice brushed finish) - back to the cutter after for a FINAL brushed finish then off to the laser marking shop for graphics.

A lot of logistics - not my favorite way to work…


For that thickness, you’d need about a ~500W fiber laser :scream:


Which would easily chop off your hand…lol :confused:


“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”


It’s a 2000W CO2 with a 9’ X 12’ bed… the extra spacing is there to keep the kerfs from welding back together. Pick up has been moved to tomorrow morning - more photos then


How big is that freaking tube!?


How freaking huge given the inefficiency of CO2 lasers must the power bill be. I hear a good number is 20% so 2KW has me thinking it’s a 10KW draw.


Hmmm…that wasn’t his hand in danger of being chopped off :grinning:


I think I want one of these. I have a soft spot for diodes.


As promised, here are some shots of the 2000W industrial machine that cut our 3mm stainless parts. The tube is ~8’long and it is located in the upper left hand corner, to the left of the control panel, positioned front to back…