Wow! 7.0 quake hits Alaska

Makes me grateful that we only have to endure mostly hail and lightning here in Colorado.

CBS News: Powerful earthquake strikes near Anchorage, Alaska.


Yeah, no kidding.

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Saw an interesting report a bit ago.
It appears the two main islands of New Zealand are edging closer together.

They are blaming it on quake activity.
Proves mankind does not have any clout when the planet gets edgy.

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The fact that half those images are from the CBS affiliate in Anchorage’s newsroom is funny in an OW sort of way. They didn’t need to wait until they heard back from people in the streets!


Yipes! :neutral_face:

Yeah, the entire archipelago of Japan lurched something like 12 feet eastward in that quake that took out the nuclear plant. Subduction, plate tectonics. :grimacing:

In melting metal, I watch surface tension pull it into a ball. With the torch still on it, I see cooler areas of the surface “Skin” over and get swept away from the heat source by the rising hotter metal underneath. Same mechanism. We ride around on the slag. On average about the speed your fingernails grow. We are oblivious because of our minuscule life span, but when the tension snaps loose, from altitude we would look like an ant hill that just got poked.


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