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GF In da House!

Basically , i just couldn’t help myself but to post a well deserved “WOW” to Dan and all the GF innovators.
I have owned and extensively used a laser engraver of comparable size and power for the last 11 years. I spent over 15k for it. Love the results but … each step is tedious and wasteful.
I was not one of those who was impatient for the shipment of my glowforge pro… I already had my brand “U” and it works fine and it was most important to get this new unit “right” , not fast… I was most interested in The “vision” that Dan spoke so well about in one very early YouTube videos. What caught my attention was the validation of all of my pain points of using this technology. These observations, as explained by Dan, were dead on… as if I wrote the scripts from my own experiences. With that focus on “changing the game” to a priority of USABILITY, I pulled out my credit card and clicked along.

Arrived the other day… sadly , unboxing proved that the journey to my home was not so smoothe. The front handle was actually separated. I notified support and within and hour , Danny C replied with quick resolution… he sent me the paperwork and put in a replacement request. New unit arrived Wednesday and first unit was picked up yesterday. (You Rock, Danny)
I’ll confess here that I just HAD TO TRY THE UNIT OUT , maybe just for a day or so… even with the handle off. Had to do It, to tempting. I rigged a suitable temporary and safe solution and off I went. Wow. Amazing, impressive …

I’ve elucidated on this long enough there so I will end this with my review… three categories

  1. Product quality, fit and finish … Exceeded by any standard. Extraordinary attention to details beyond technical. It’s a beautiful machine (is that odd for a machine to be described as Beautiful?)
  2. Utility. Idea—-> Results. in minutes . Super easy . No struggle at all. Proof grade material … genius!
    I generally spend hours fiddleong with setting and keeping samples and records of settings recipes.
  3. Customer support: we all hope that we never know the name of the support folks . We want it to work … but , having a lot of experience with new products, issues will arise . I always measure reaction to problems with far greater weight then the problems themselves. My brief “blip” in the original shipment was opportunity to see this mechanism work … fast, courteous, apologetic and efficiently resolved . A++++

Congratulations GlowTeam!
GF has Disrupted this Space…


Chuckle! I feel the same way but had nothing to compare it to. Thanks for the verification. :wink:


Great to hear!

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Yes! As an experienced conventional laser user you can better appreciate the innovation this machine brings.
Fully self contained, enclosed path, camera, a versatile UI etc.
I was a complete newb with laser and CNC, yet I was using the machine within 10 minutes after the simple unpacking and setup.
Edit- oh, and the first results were perfect!


Yep. That’s always been my issue with other lasers. The results can be great but the process is often a PITA. It’s a tool that needs to be mastered (on top of mastering the design portion). The GF is much more approachable.