WOW! I am getting a Glowforge!

I received my letter! YAY!!! and I am not excited at all… What I had planned two years ago is now gone and dead. LOL!!!

I would try to find a place for this machine (small apartment). I think I need two people to set it up. My friend had moved and left town. Our plans back in 2015 was to create signs and custom logo signs for the photo booth industry.

What I am excited to do is sell it for $3700 and invest in some bitcoins.

I don’t know… Maybe I will call her to see if she wants it. LOL!!!


I remember you bc you look so happy in your pic :blush:

Sorry the photo prop thing didn’t work out for you. I thought it seemed like a cute idea. Best if luck selling your glowforge - hope you make a killing on it!

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Sorry your plans fell through.

Gold and Bitcoin share a common theme. They are always advertised the most when cost is high and for a good reason. The people who bought low want to sell high.

Best time for gold was in 1970 but by 1980 it was a losing gamble. It got a little worthwhile again around 2000-2001 but since has climbed to a Sell item not a Buy one.

Bitcoin has not been around as long, but its heyday was around 2012 and into 2013. In 2015 there was a good dip in value and would have made a great investment. At the current pricing, it’s in a sell before the bubble breaks category.

Just my personal opinions and advice. Your money, your choices.


If you hold off on selling for a little bit, you might benefit from the upcoming price increase.

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You can get a fraction of a bitcoin for $3700.

Our Bitcoins are doing very nicely indeed, but with the BTC Futures opening up soon it is a 50/50 what is going to happen. Sure a LOT more will be buying in, thus driving up prices… but Futures traders like prices to drop and the BTC market is exceedingly easy to manipulate.

I see a massive shortsell coming with futures opening up. Some big, deep pockets are going to use the leverage options enable…

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LOL!!! Thank Brokendrum… There are a few people who are involved with the Bitcoins and I wish I was rolling with them. They are so happy (for now and I missed the boat). I don’t know much about it so I need to do my homework (before doing anything).