Wow! The cupboards are bare?

This has probably been mentioned before but I have been absent from the forums for awhile –

The shop is virtually all sold out.

No proofgrade plywood nor hardwood nor veneer. Wow!

I think have enough to get through this one customer’s order I have but that is pretty much it. I had never expected this – occasionally there would be one type or another sold out – but not virtually the whole shop. This really surprised me and creates a bit of dilemma…


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A good reason to start experimenting with non proofgrade materials


Welcome back!
Yes, I have a large token order to fill, and I prefer to use the proofgrade Basswood because of the time savings, instead of sanding, staining and finishing raw stuff myself. Reasonable customer though so no time crunch.


It would be nice to know when new stock will arrive. Wish they could put the ETA on the site.

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