Wow, the dremel is $7K

So glad I stopped waiting for their Digilab laser and got my GF!

$7K is kinda steep, even with their $1K pre-order discount.

I fully expected them to be more in-line with the GF pricing, but clearly not.


Yeah, was just about to post. For the price, the specs seem a bit disappointing.

BUT, can we just get some of those software features? Materials library that we can add to, tiling objects, etc.


Agreed, but those should be the ‘easier’ part, now that we have such a great Laser to start with :smile:

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I have never liked bait and switch tactics.

The main page says $4,999

The buy now page says $6,999


Those are definitely things that can be (and hopefully are) added. The software in the video, at least, looks slick. But, you never know with video…

What you can’t get around are things like the max material height of 1.25" - people here seem to complain about 2" being a bad limit.


Well, that’s uplifting, and great news for us. :grinning:
(And I mean that sincerely, it gives Glowforge an excellent shot at maintaining market share.)
Now I need to go figure out how to scrub the sh*t-eating grin off of my face - it’s starting to hurt. :smile:


Exactly. That’s why I’m asking. :slight_smile:

I’m still shopping (and saving and relying on my makerspace), so I was keeping my eye on the Dremel. There’s just nothing there that justifies the extra cost for me, especially taking into account the 40W laser and the reduced material height.

It’s just as well because I’m kind of attached to this group!


Yeah, but those are super easy software adds, slick video aside. I completely agree with you… as someone who is still shopping for my own device (still relying on my makerspace), there’s just nothing that I see that would compel me to spend that much more, especially on a pre-order, when there’s a perfectly good machine at a lower price with similar specs that I know works well.

I don’t know if I would say super easy but absolutely doable.

I see a lot of stuff 'round these parts that says everything should be super easy and could be done in a day or two by any competent programmer. And I also see the machines have been out for a while, all of the hardware in place, and only one person making any progress on that front…

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Well, those changes are easy, but that doesn’t mean they are a priority or even a goal.

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I’m not seeing what you’re seeing in the first page, but I did have it immediately select the bundled machine (with filter) when I clicked through (i.e. the more expensive version). I don’t know if I’d call it a bait and switch, though, since the option to toggle between the two options should be right below the image you posted.

I don’t know if I’d call it a bait and switch, so much as an aggressive upsell. But it’s not that hard to select the other option.

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One screen says $4,999, click on Buy Now and you get $6,999.

Don’t know how you define Bait and Switch, but that is how I define it.

You should get details on the $4,999 machine when you click on Buy Now and then options to upgrade if you want them! That is not what they did.

It is the subtle things that separate companies with integrity from companies without it.

I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn if you want to buy it!!! :wink:

But do appreciate your response taking the “opposite” viewpoint!!! Thankyou!!!


I define bait and switch in pretty much the same way as the dictionary… advertising one thing, but then providing a different one (typically inferior). They are both available (and visible)… it just defaults to the most expensive. I do agree that if you click on the basic machine, you should land on the basic machine for ease of use, though. I found the page to be less user-friendly than it could/should be.

There is absolutely nothing in Brooklyn I want to buy (except maybe goat roti), but thanks for the offer!

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Lol on the roti! You are lucky, I prefer Boston over Brooklyn too, so tend to agree with you! Except maybe on the bait and switch details, it is not just being less user friendly, it is purposely designed to upsell (bait and switch)!

Your icon info says you are a traveler, what is the destination of your next trip?

Nowhere terribly exciting, unfortunately. In the summer, I’ll hit Cape Cod, NYC, and a couple of spots in Maine. All fantastic places to visit, but nothing out of the norm for us. Do you have favorite travel spots? If I could go anywhere new, I’d see the TerraCotta Warriors in China (I’ve been to China, but not to that area) and take a good long trip to Japan. If I could return anywhere, I’d go to the Philippines and Croatia.

I will just have to disagree with you on the difference between bait and switch and upselling.

As for Brooklyn, I like it well enough, but, yeah, Boston is prettier. I will say that I had two separate first dates that involved the Brooklyn Bridge (I am only now making that connection!), so I guess it does have a special place in my heart. Or not, given the guys those dates were with…

Grimaldi’s pizza! Base of the Brooklyn Bridge and quite possibly the best in the world.

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If you have not seen Ken Burns movie on the Brooklyn Bridge, it is one of his best works and I highly recommend it!!!

Guys are bums, I know because I am one! :slight_smile:

My travels are pretty much just within the Western U.S now, although Lake Superior and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a place I try and return to every few years.

I do a lot of virtual vacations, friends posting on Facebook and me using Google Streetview to tour cities then museum websites to see inside the buildings. Kind of fun! And i don’t have to put up with all the hassles of flying!!!

Ok, sure. Pizza. Of course! But I’d still rather have the goat roti…


Hah. I have experienced my share of bums, but I married a gem, so it all balanced out. Except that he really doesn’t like to travel. Not sure what happened there!

Virtual travel has a lot of appeal, so I’m with you there. I had fun revisiting Versailles on Google Streetview. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it! Flying is a pain, and it’s stupidly expensive for the pleasure of being packed in with some people who have no common sense.

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I did Versailles several years ago virtually, yes it was great! Did St. Petersburg, Russia a couple years ago the same time my brother was there, I think I had a better time then he did!, try that if you haven’t, great imagery and photos inside the museums. Did Windsor, England this morning to beat the crowd attending the pending Royal wedding! Got to love technology, at least when it works!

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