Wrapped in a Mystery Puzzle Box to Premium

I thought this was free to Premium subscribers? It wants to charge me for it. Someone posted that it will zero out at checkout, but it doesn’t seem to do so for me. Advice?

That one was only free for the month of October. The current month freebie is the Space Shuttle.
(Be sure to download it before the end of November.)

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Thanks. Kinda annoying that they don’t archive them for us paying members!

I think that is just for the one design each month that changes…kind of like when they had the “present” light up when they offered a free printable. It was only available for a limited time. Sorry you missed the box.

I like that there are a bunch of things in the catalog to print…today I am printing the can organizers for free and then I’ll probably end my day with using up a bunch of my pretty wood scraps with making a bunch of earrings as Christmas presents for friends and family (yay on using up scraps)!!


I understand your sentiment, but this way encourages people to login, visit the forum more often and be engaged. I have learned a lot through trial and error, but nothing close to what I have been able to garner from being a part of the community here.


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