Wrong Package Value for Customs

i already tried writing an email got an automated answer stating that it might take a couple of days for GF to respond so i hope I can get some quick help here.

Yesterday i finally got an Email from UPS stating they have a delivery from Glowforge and need a translated description from the containing goods in german. They also sent me the packingslip to check out if everything there was okay…well…

on the slip it states that the value of the package (and therefore the amount i have to pay taxes for) is 6690 $. But this can’t be true…

I ordered my Glowforge back in the days and paid for the Pro model including air filter and shipping costs for both to Germany exactly 4949,00 $.

So even if the airfilter is somehow magically included in this delivery it still leaves a difference of around 1700 $ …again…an amount that i have to pay taxes for.

And without the airfilter and the shipping costs of the airfilter the actual value of the package should be even less than the 4949,00$.

Has anyone of you here experienced something similar? Is there any way to contact @dan 's people without having to wait a couple of days for their response and risk the unit being shipped back again?

Any help is appreciated

Opening a topic here is the same as sending them an email, so you have just contacted Glowforge twice with the same problem. You will need to wait until you hear back from them to get a definitive answer.

I’m thinking they give priority to emergency cases…hopefully they won’t take several days to get the issue resolved.

Thank you :)…maybe someone else was in a similar situation and can tell me what he did :wink:

@p_p_krause I see you already emailed us about this and we’ve followed up there! I’m going to close this topic.