.wtal cutting

To compliment our glowforge we bought a Wazer,hydro-cutter. Anyone needing custom-cut metals may contact us at Hilltop-Arts.com.


This is good to know as I can’t own one of everything, I try but I just can’t.


I almost bought a Wazer during the kickstart campaign but then calculated how expensive it is to run it. Wow, the amount of garnet that it uses based on the specifications. Have you found that it uses a lot of garnet?

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There are several of them in the group.


I thought @ jamesdhatch had one

and I think others too.

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Yeah consumable cost immediately killed my interest. Cool tool, though.

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Actually I bought a Langmuir Crossfire CNC plasma. I almost pulled the trigger on the Wazer after seeing them at the NYC World MakerFaire but the consumables changed my mind for me.

There was someone else here who got one though.

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