WTF Glowforge?

I don’t get annoyed very easily. But I’ve never seen such complete bozo behavior from Glowforge before. I’m an early Kickstarter owner and I’ve dutifully paid for the Premium subscription with the beta tester’s discount.

I’ve just been charged $595.20 by Glowforge for an annual Premium subscription that I was previously paying $14.99/mo for. I didn’t authorize this. I just updated my credit card and boof… I get a notice from my card that I’m being billed for an annual subscription. I never authorized this. Come on Glowforge. Fix your web site, and fix my account, because this will go to the BBB and the FTC next.

Perhaps you did something you didn’t mean to do while updating your credit card?

Have you considered calling or emailing them and giving them a chance to rectify this for you?

This isn’t a staff-monitored forum.


Although we feel your pain, your angst and your threats are falling on deaf ears, here. As Dan said, best to call them; 1 (855) 338- 2122


Sorry for your misery. There is nobody here in the forum except other users.


So I called in. After what felt forever on hold, I was eventually put through to Ara and she did a tremendous job fixing my account. It seems whoever Glowforge is outsourcing their payment system to needs a major overhaul. Ara confirmed that the web path that changed the subscription wasn’t following an actual authorization by the end user. It is obvious the UI needs fixing as there are currently UI links that are hostile to the end user. For example, on most web sites, cancel means cancel any changes and go back to the previous page. On Glowforge’s subscription page cancel quite literally cancels your subscription. So other methods to back out of a page will keep any unapproved changes as if they were approved. This is bad. Very bad. But kudos to Ara for helping to fix my account, and hopefully she will be listened to with the several web site changes we discussed that need to be made.
{P.S. Thank you all for bearing with my grumpiness. Happy New Year!]


It’s worth tagging @emilyhuh so she has a heads up and will have the background. She can be a valuable advocate.


Thanks for flagging this to me @jamesdhatch! I’ll bring this up with the team!

@simon Sorry that you had to deal with this, but glad that Ara was able to take care of the situation. Please feel free to reach out to Support directly if you ever have any issues. We want to make sure you and the rest of the community are taken care of. Thank you!

Happy New Year!


@emilyhuh I think the main issue is that updating credit card info must be completely firewalled off from any other transaction. Your system doesn’t currently do that. What happened to me was that it mistakenly generated a completely new transaction that I didn’t authorize the moment the credit card info was updated. I’ve seen $1 test transactions before, that will fall off, but Glowforge created a brand new $600 annual subscription and removed my existing beta tester subscription. That’s a big no no. I used to do e-commerce back in the day, and I thought these types of problems had been solved in 1997. Happy New Year!


Thanks for the explanation and details. Very helpful. Have a wonderful New Year!


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