WTH! wavy engraved lines- HELP!

I’ve got crooked, wavy engraved lines. I noticed it is much more dramatic when the design is horizontal and seems to be fine when turned vertically. The cut and score lines don’t seem to be affected.
I’ve cleaned the belts, inspected the wheels, all look ok. arms move without resistance. I haven’t adjusted the belt tension (hubby has the wrench in his truck at work). The belts don’t seem like the tension is off, but I don’t know what else to try. I’m attaching a couple of pics. The top is the horizontal print and and the bottom is the vertical. Anybody got any other suggestions.

Check the wheels again.


I actually cleaned and checked wheels between the He is Risen and the good measure. They look ok. I don’t see any cracks on the wheels that hold the print head. I cleaned the wheels on the side. They were just dusty, but as best as I can see them they don’t look damaged.

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Since it’s different from horizontal to vertical is there something particular to look at? I just checked wheels again and I see no cracks or damage.

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If there is no debris on the rails or in the belt, it really is most likely a wheel that is making the printhead wobble as it moves back and forth across the bed.


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