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I bought this laser to replace my old FS laser that was dying. It was used mostly for supplemental work in our wood shop. This forum has prompted me to try many new things. I had no idea for the last 4 years that you could etch ceramic tile instance. Just never really thought of it. Was out and around at a second hand store and picked up a few squares. First run 600 speed 450 dpi and full throttle. Nice ! ! We have been in business for 5 years now creating things most wood workers would be terrified of, our motto is “If you can imagine it we can create it” Building off of customer ideas this laser has just added to our abilities, and give some great finishing touches too. Here are a few things I have done. feel free to check out our website to see more creative products from years past. www.weberswoodcreations.com



Great assortment of projects.

I’d say you are doing quite well. Nice assortment of designs.:sunglasses:

How’d you make that good looking dude in the third pic on a the laser?? Lmao :wink:


Very impressive pieces.

LOL they say it is a 3D Printer right? LMBO

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