www.Glowforge.com Down? 11/9/2017 @ 2:45pm EST

Is anyone else getting an application error when trying to go to https://glowforge.com/ ?


I am.

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I am as well.


I should also note that this is me trying to set it up after receipt. Hell of a first day. XD


More importantly, app.glowforge.com is down.

Oh no… That sucks. I just wanted to check my date or notifications. I received my golden email last Friday but nothing more since.

If you received the email there won’t be any other notifications. And the estimated shipping date will normally disappear soon after acceptance.

glowforge.com is down for me.

app.glowforge.com is working for me.


Both are back.

@rpegg I confirmed my address and accepted it but how long before I receive tracking info. Do you know?

Confirmed. site is back.

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Clearly dev got doughnut.


Quite some time. Often just before it arrives. A couple of folks have received the shipping notice after the laser arrived. Glowforge is not a good source of shipping info. MyChoice at UPS is much more accurate.

Will probably get the Proofgrade about 10 days after the email. The GF could come anywhere from 2-6 weeks after the original email.

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Yep. Both back now.

@rpegg Thanks for the intel. Was hoping for better tracking data but oh well. Lets keep it a surprise till the end I guess.

Our Internet (comcast) has been down and up twice this afternoon.

Looks like I’m back in business. Thanks for the updates.


Thanks for the heads up! We had about 10 minutes of downtime, which our team rushed to set right.