X and Y scrap cuts

I run an industrial laser for work and a very useful feature it has is easy scrap cut programs. I think this would be a great time saver to ad a simple cutoff program into the GF, anyone savvy enough to figure that out? I know I’m not (at least not yet…

Like this? it is what I use.

You can move it or scale it and shift and pick the rotate thingy and have it be vertical


That’s exactly what I mean! Except I can’t see a link

Wait is it just the purple line?

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I believe so. He’s loaded up an SVG file there. All you need to do is right click on the purple line and choose Save As, or Save Image As.

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It is a somewhat special line as it is only one way and will make a single pass and not two as is often the case. Put it where you want to cut and give it the settings to cut the materials you are using,

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That’s great! Elegant and simple, thank you!

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How is it “special”?

Lots of folks have trouble getting this as the tendency is to close the area making it two cuts,

In other words it’s actually a line and not a zero-height rectangle.




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