X-Axis belt replacement - centering

The 6mm GT2 belt that moves the head on the x-axis on my Glowforge broke. I got more cable and replaced it, now the head can’t seem to center. It gets stuck too far to one side or another.

Thank you for any help!

Turn off the machine and move the printhead all the way back and to the left then turn the GF back on, hopefully it’s that simple.

Check the rollers for damage and that they are on the rail properly (If you have a flat mirror or a piece of mirrored acrylic, lay it on the floor of the GF with the tray out, it really helps you see what is going on.

Actually, it’s just trying to go further left can it can and it gets stuck.

Can you shoot a few seconds of video?

Are you able to manually move the printhead to the other side of the tray?


Remove the material from the bed, and if you have any strong overhead lighting (or strong sunlight), reduce that.

We’ve tried again now that there is no sunlight - still no luck.

Did you remove the material from the bed?


Hello @mjauw11 - I’m sorry to hear you’ve hit this snag.

I’m having a little trouble pulling up your printer to investigate this issue further on my end, and so I’ve sent an email to you to gather some additional information to confirm everything.

This will help me provide some more targeted troubleshooting on your issue once I’ve evaluated everything. Please keep an eye out for that email, as I’ll be closing this topic so we can finish up in the email thread. Thanks!

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