X Axis Shift Problems

Our machine started to have issues recently after removing the carriage and doing extensive cleaning. I removed it according to the instructions. When I reinstalled it, I did not set it all the way to the left before retensioning the pulley.

Ever since, we have had extensive issues, all related to the X-Axis. I have tried repositioning the tensioner pulley in multiple different positions-
Too loose= the carriage slides every line
Moderately Tight= The carriage slides, but only sometimes
All the way Tight= The carriage doesn’t slide, but movement is so tight that the head won’t zero properly.

We ran the alignment job of course… (see pictures) It was disastrous.

The issue is clearly not a camera problem. I am concerned that the tensioner should be all the way to the right, but that the movement difficulty indicates that the X- Axis drive motor itself may be the problem.

I replaced the tensioner pulley, but no improvement. At this point, we are losing business as this is our only machine. Glowforge has, so far, only offered us automated responses which are of no help.

I would appreciate any good advice. Please see pictures:

The belt is undoubtedly the source of your problem.

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