Xmas Tree with Lights

In my Mustang emblem post, I commented that I couldn’t wait to show you what I was working on next… well this isn’t it… you’ll just have to wait longer!

Actually, I will probably be posting about it this weekend as right now, all my free time to tied up for this craft show on fri and sat in AZ. Hopefully that goes well. But I’m having an issue with my special project and I will be asking you guys for suggestions.

Now, onto the topic at hand… speaking of the craft show, since we’re in Nov, I felt the need to have some Christmas related crafts. I’ve seen some other trees posted on here, so I guess this is my turn. The only issue is that I ran out of just about all of my big sheets of plywood/hardwood. I have 1 walnut left but I didn’t want to use that for this, plus there wasn’t enough. But what I had plenty of was draftboard. I actually have never used it before the other day (testing on my special project) and while I probably wouldn’t use it for crafts I’m selling again, I think it’s ok for this one time.

Without further ado…

I started designing the sign portion with the thought to make it in acrylic with a back plaque (like I did for the Mustang) and the others glued to it and using colored acrylic. Again, I didn’t have everything I needed, so draftboard it was. The tree came next and thought about a minimum way to get it to stay standing. 3 layers of draftboard and a back spine to stop any flex. It’s about 12 1/2 inches tall.

Since it wasn’t in color (with the acrylic) I had to spruce it up a bit by adding the battery powered lights. The bulbs are just a plastic cover for the LEDs in it… so I was able to pull those off, drill holes, glue them in place, and push the LED back into them from the back. So no wires are visible… at least from the front view.

The back on the other hand (because I know you’re curious)…

And I also glued the battery pack on the back as well… it’s not too heavy.


Really nice job! A different take on the lighted Christmas tree.



If you wanted to hide the wires you could make the tree into a hollow shape by stacking hollowed perimeter pieces then add another flat piece to the back. Basically a hollow tree shaped box. Then you could go real nuts and add lights to that side too and make it a two sided design :slight_smile: That would make it stiff too.


That’s going to make a great display piece! :grinning::+1:


I like when multiple mediums are used outside of just the :proofgrade:. In this case, the lights really add that extra touch - good job!

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Unfinished, yeah probably not. But I’ve read that mdf finishes well (paint and even stain) so that may be a possibility.


Yeah that would definitely be cool… but I didn’t have enough draftboard for that… maybe only one, but I made 2 of these.


Well thats good to hear… I did add some clear coat just so semi protect it… I wish I had time to paint it but I have so much more to create still for the craft show, these were just a last minute addition that is not my main focus.

What a fun idea and festive design!

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