XR pendant / earring

I used solid walnut for the material and loops are copper wire. Can fit an earring hoop in too,

4cm across


Isn’t monetizing the logo against their terms? It certainly seems odd to add your company logo to it.

Edit: here we go…

In May 2019, Gail Bradbrook of XR issued a public statement to clarify that: “Not only does XR not support or endorse any corporations, it reminds them that the Extinction Symbol ⧖⃝ may never be used for commercial purposes, including fundraising. The Extinction Symbol is loaned in good faith to XR by UK street artist ESP”.

For more:


I didn’t see where he was selling these. Seems like they were made for a friend who is “into” this movement…

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Do you put your brand on gifts for friends?

I’m not going to put words in the OPs mouth but modifying the logo with a brand Mark seems against the spirit of the non commercialization no matter how you slice it.


I made the clock for a friend, I have not sold anything, I have no intention of selling anything, I originally made a clock for a friend who (may be part of XR - I really don’t know, but she’s a massive supporter and has protested), I then took the clock design and made it smaller into a pendant / earring. I could have put my name on the design so she’d have known it was from me, but instead used a domain that I own instead as I thought it was more aesthetically more pleasing. I have done this personally, I am not a corporation, I am not a number, I am a free man.

Where does it say that I have monetised anything? I have not ever said I am trying to monetise. If you see my FB posts, anyone who has said “how much does it cost” I have said zilch and happy to send you some. The aim was never to monetise but gift a XR clock to someone who I know is passionate about the cause and in fact got married on Westminster Bridge in London during the activities. In fact randomly I was at a tech event tonight where one of the companies exhibiting is in the same building as the London XR offices. I had made some ply test prints and asked the guys on the stand to give ALL the prints to the XR people as I really didn’t;t have a sensible use for them.

I support what XR are doing, and I happened to make a wedding gift and thus had made the logo. I put my “logo” rather than name on the prints as it looked nicer … that is all.



ps here’s the SVG files if someone else doesn’t want to monetise too






and yes I pretty much put Pixel Juice on everything I make rather than my name

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I totally do, although almost always on the back/bottom.


Also though I would say the logo is very similar to the XR logo, it’s my interpretation of the logo that I constructed it myself …

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Try putting a logo on the bottom / curved section of print … and though at some point I’m sure I will set-up a site, there’s not one for Pixel Juice (well not mine anyway)

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I do too. Since I finally managed to design a logo for myself that that I really like, I like to use it.