Y axis Issues "homing" after being turned off


Hello we have a basic unit and are experiencing y axis issues. The laser head is trying to go further than the stop on the left side of the bed, after a cold start up. Is there a re-calibration we can do. I am worried that the laser head will become damaged because it is bouncing, against the end stop multiple times. Every time I start the laser I hear this noise, from the bouncing, and immediately turn it off.


That happens once in a while and it won’t hurt anything. But you should send an email to support@glowforge.com when it happens.



Hi Jules,

Thank you. I turned the machine off and repositioned the logo on the head under the camera, as suggested by other forum posts. It is up and working now. Thank you!


Thats what support told me when it happened. I would recommend letting support know when it happens, just so they can try to fix whatever is causing it.

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Congrats on your GF :glowforge: !


Same here on occasion. Support told me to be sure and turn the machine off before you re position the head or gantry.
You will find the forum a very valuable resource! Being new to lasers and CNC I don’t know what I would do without these people.


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Please let us know how it goes how you are enjoying the Glowforge!


I had this happn, but on the right side. Restarting in center had no positive effect , but moving and starting on the opposite side corrected it.


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Welcome and Congrats! Nice work, and cool school you’ve got!


Glad you got it sorted

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