Y Field resets a LOT

This has been really annoying me for months. I do a lot of manual position-entering with the x,y,width,height panel. I’ve noticed that the Y field constantly resets. For instance, I’ll type a number in and tab to next field and the Y field resets to previous value. Sometimes it does this twice in a row. I’ve noticed other timing issues in the Glowforge UI. There seems to be some lag of some kind in the interface resulting in lost inputs, so sometimes I have to just do it slower to make it stick.

For reference, this is the panel I’m speaking about:
2022-02-17 12_30_56-Glowforge

My position doesn’t actually change when I tab - only when I hit enter.


Glowforge staff no longer monitor this forum, so this post won’t report the bug to the folks who can fix it. https://support.glowforge.com/ is your best bet for that.

Not sure why I didn’t consider pressing Enter, thanks. I still see some squirrely behavior related to that field though. Sometimes the value I put in gets changed. Like I enter “1 in” and it changes it to “0.898 in” but only intermittently.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll submit a request then.

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