YAMAGUCHIE my Store inspired my GLOWFORGE


Well I’ve been busy, from the time I first ordered my Glow forge Pro with a Chinese laser, I’ve been making cool items and engraving pictures and art to start a laser printing business. I opened my shop last week and am so happy I choose this, as a business for my family to go forward with and grow in to something epic. I haven’t received my forge Pro yet but canno’t wait to incorporate it into my store. so here is a few pictures of my shop and the many items that i have created with a laser thank you Glow Forge for showing me the way to a happy life. You can friend me on Facebook, just search me on Facebook at YAMAGUCHIE.


Welcome yamarcarter, the store looks great! I really like your style and can’t wait to see what you’ll do with the GF. I was going to point out your project that most caught my eye, but I can’t choose just one. That octopus is so very cool and the white figure above your desk is really eye catching. I kinda want to see those matching engravings on the display table better though as they look interesting too :slight_smile: Good luck with your business!


Everything in your studio looks interesting but that Cthulhu, wow.


that’s awesome. great job on all the hard work!


Looks awesome!!! Best of luck with your amazing endeavor! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Congrats on your store! I wish you much success!:star_struck:


That is STUPID AMAZING!!! Im so happy for you. All the best in your store.


Well, that is awesome! Looks like you’ve already acquired the laser skills you need, the Glowforge will just make things easier!


What an exciting time in your life!!! Congratulations on starting your own business. When work is fun … it’s no longer work!


Wow! Congratulations!


Very inspiring! I’d love to be able to do this same thing someday!


Nice man! Cool looking store. Congrats on getting it going.


Nice! If that’s your own artwork, you’re gonna make a big success of that! Congratulations! :grinning::v:


Sweet! Now that’s the kind of store I wouldn’t complain about when my wife says, “Want to go in?”…“Heck Yea!”


Awesome. Just goes to show that for an awful lot of this - it’s not the tool, it’s the artist. :slight_smile:

Some tools just make the execution easier.


Thank you all for the heart felt comments can"t wait to surprize more people with my offerings in the future.


The whole store is a great expression of your artistic eye and hands on ability. Lots of cool hand made stuff there. Very comfortable. And I love the colors of everything.


Looks brilliant!
I call it new-bohemian.