YANKLE - Yet Another New Kickstarter Laser Engraver


Saw this on kickstarter this evening. Sorta of a love child of AxiDraw and a Glowforge… pen plotter with swappable heads.


Looks like fun. I like the crosshatch looking sketches.


Pretty nice, I suppose. I think I’d really enjoy a plotter pen attachment for Glowforge.


I am sure it is already in the hopper!


I was so hoping to go a day without reading that word. :slight_smile:


I love the name Yankele. (It’s a diminutive form of Jacob… like “Jakey”)


I want them all!!


Need to get a different mindset …

All I could think of when seeing the topic name was YANKLE … CANKLE what are we looking at here?:grimacing:


Here’s a kit…



I have that kit! :smiley:


Great if you can set the GF power output to 0%!


These XY plotters are the flavor of the year man. People just swap out the head and keep resubmitting them to kickstarter. There is a friggen pancake printer using the same system! http://www.pancakebot.com/


That just might work!


Gotta have a way to lift the pen.


Of course! For some reason I was thinking the head went up and down.


That’s true, but for just using a pen there doesn’t need to be a true variable z-axis, just a two-position up/down toggle.

I can’t tell is material is placed into a bed of some sort, or if the material is just sitting under the machine, AxiDraw-style.


Please talk me out of pledging. They are expecting to delivery by July. One month before the glowforge. Seeing all the great stuff on this forum is making me more anxious to get started.


Between the broken English descriptions and the complete lack of an enclosure around it… I have some reservations. There are a lot of folks doing kickstarters that are just rebranded junk from Alibaba and this has the feel of one of those.


I see what you mean…



LOL… that didn’t take long!