Yarn and Glowforge



I’ve been trying to find ways to combine my love for yarn/textiles and glowforging. This little lamb is my first idea come to fruition.

Long hiatus has ended

Awww, I love that.


Oh that’s too cute! Great mixed media project! :grinning:


Brilliant idea!


Love your 1st combo of laser and yarn and looking forward to the second, third…


That is too adorable.


Ooooooooooh SNAP! I am going to cause some Llama DRAMA! Great idea! Thanks for sharing


Awwwwww, very cute! You chose the perfect yarn for this project!


Well, that’s adorable!


Adorable. What a fun idea!


Super cut. I really like it.


It’s amazing… You need to make a Llama!!!


I’ve seen laser cut “embroidery” before that’s cute. I also have a friend who does weavings and we’ve brainstormed making some frames for her to do her weavings into.


Oh I’m enchanted!


Cute. But don’t let my wife see this, find rainbow yarn, and tell me to make unicorns for all her students. :wink:


I think I saw someone use a variety of colors of ribbon or yarn to make the tail and mane of a lasered unicorn…