Yay and all the whoohooos. I got my wonka bar email

Yay for the final stretch of this wonderful marathon!! Can’t wait to start pew pewing and get my laser on!! Got this for My whimsical woodart…i know I’m not a big contributor on here but I’m thankful for everyones input and knowledge. Been on here everyday since I’ve known my shipping date was coming up. Glad to have this help and everyones awesome ideas!! Check out my cute art on the Instagram im “onelostmonkey” This will hopefully be a game changer for my art. So far I’ve been scroll sawing all my work and painting the sides of every piece which has been the bane of my time. So excited to become a part of this laser family. Have all the adventure folks!!


Congrats. I’m still waiting but not much longer. (Hopefully) I’ve done the scroll saw route as well and I look forward to losing some of the tedious steps and gain the inspiration time. Have fun and pew pew for me as Well!