Yay, the mouse wheel is alive!


Happy to finally be able to use my mouse wheel to scroll up,down,side to side, and even can zoom now by holding ctrl and scrolling the wheel in the gfui. Soooooo much better than having to use that hand and those zoom keys all the time. Thanks team GF.


What keys allow you to scroll side to side with the mouse wheel ?
I’ve tried several but not found it yet !



Does your wheel tilt side to side?


Only if I’ve had several drinks, I’m afraid !


my mouse wheel tilts,or pivots left & right to scroll side to side




Very cool.
Like that a lot.


In Win10 and Chrome:
Spacebar with mouse move will pan
Ctrl with wheel zooms.
A simple wheel by itself will pan up and down only.

Two finger pan enabled (spacebar never worked for pan)
Pinch zoom