YBOD (Yellow button of death)

So for the past week or 2, I have been having some trouble getting my laser to cut all the way through. Then, a few days ago, it stopped mid print on leather and threw up an error and the yellow button of death and it hasn’t worked at all since. Today is the first day that I have really had to mess with it and try and get it going. I have checked the connections, cleaned filters, fan, mirror, lenses etc. I’ve only had the thing a couple of months. Please help.

Welcome to the forum. What is the temperature in the room where your Glowforge is located?

It varies but it is inside the house so in the 68-72 degree range.

Hello There,
I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this trouble with your machine. I’ve created a trouble ticket (ticket # 289732) in order to help resolve your issue so please be on the look out for a separate email arriving within your email inbox. I would also recommend checking your spam folder as your inbound email may recognize the email as such. That said, I’m going to close this topic and work on your issue through your trouble ticket. Thank you.